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Compressed Air Water Removal DROPOUT Water Separators
Water Removal Dropout Compressed Air Water removal Compressed Air Water separator compressed air dropout

Compressed Air Water Removal - DROPOUT

WATER+ in compressed air?

Dropout® offers extremely high performance an ALL IN ONE solution. Dropout® removes liquid water and other contaminants at wide range of flow rates without the need for replacement filter elements – a proven revolution in the treatment of compressed air!

99.9999% Liquid Removal

Dropout® technology has been subjected to independent tests by recognised test houses such as SGS and IBR; and one of the leading droplet and particle measurement companies "Droplet Measurement Technologies - DMT"

Watch this video here. Also see "Product Demonstration" or "Testimonial from Dr Greg Kok of DMT"

Dropout’s unique patented compressed air water removal technology solves contamination problems where other products fail

Robust and reliable performance coupled with particulate removal down to 1 micron and without the need for costly replacement consumables delivering a significant reduction in whole life costs when compared with traditional air treatment products.

Easy to install

Dropout  is easily installed at point of use. Dropout offers low-cost-of-ownership and is a totally maintenance free solution. It can also be installed in conjunction with your existing dryer, enhancing the performance at 'point of use'.

Optimum Performance in a wide variety of applications

Dropout® has multiple compressed air water removal applications acting not only as a stand-alone replacement for water separators and/or coalescing filters but also providing protection upstream of refrigerant dryers by (pre) filtering bulk liquid and other contaminants.  Unlike traditional cyclonic separators which rely on constant and stable flows and fail miserably during stop/start, Dropout® has the ability to maintain its performance levels during start up where it reaches optimum performance in a fraction of a second.

All the protection you need in one device; instead of having to purchase & maintain a multiplicity of different products.

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