We set out with a mission to develop a product aimed at revolutionising liquid water removal from compressed air

The solutions available in the market but are either too costly, over specified or simply not effective in water removal

Dropout is designed to change modern thinking and simplify the complexities of liquid water removal to design a low cost, maintenance-free, point of use product to remove not only water but also particles from the compressed air supply at the point of use.

Issues in the Market Avalaible Solutions


Our main objective other than designing a super-efficient water separator and particle remover was to make this small enough to install in the airline as close to the point of use as possible. Then came the development of our TITAN product range with the same characteristics as the point of use products but designed to handle much higher flow rates and suitable for installation upstream.We believe we have found the solution!So if your objective is to remove water from a compressed air supply at point of use then why not try this product. We believe you will be surprised by its efficiency. We also hope the animation and video on the home page will help provide a better understanding about the product and its benefits.