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ScotAsh a joint venture between Lafarge Tarmac and Scottish Power have chosen dropout Titan to fix water condensate removal in their Edinburgh fuel ash plant packing lines Jim Donnelley-Production Manager says; …  after many years of expensive downtime and component replacements in my system I now have clean dry air.” Jim Donnelly Production Manager, ScotAsh […]

G H Chennells Farms Ltd

We were experiencing large amounts of liquid water in our workshop airlines and vegetable grading machines. I was told that I needed a refrigerant dryer to solve this water condensate issue. Thankfully I found Dropout and bought 2x DO00600A units – one for each application. I am amazed just how good this product is. Thanks […]

University of Hawaii

Protecting our Lachat Quickchem flamephotometer fuel gas, TOC-1250 gas generator for Shimadzu TOC/TN carrier gas and a PerkinElmer GC for Valve turning it was essential that we remove all traces of water inside our system and upstream of the equipment. We found Dropout by chance and have used this technology as a pre-filter for the Refrigerant […]

New Forest Stone

We almost bought a refrigerant dryer before we found Dropout. We are very pleased with the DO00600A it basically does every thing it says on the can. Very simple to install and removes all noticeable water Chris Hall New Forest Stone

Offshore Industry Pneumatic Equipment

Our company works mostly within the offshore industry, where the use of compressed air driven machinery is extremely commonplace. We have a client that has a real problem with water in their rig air system which is adversely affecting their pneumatic equipment. We recently refurbished and upgraded a high pressure BOP test bench for this […]

Shot blasting equipment

We have for years suffered with water ingress in our Atlas Copco shot blasting machine. Using the unit infrequently makes it almost impossible to keep the sand dry through water ingress in the compressed air line. We installed Dropout 1 month ago and what an amazing result. We are now operating with a dry system […]

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